Real Estate Developers.

  • Suite 34 ikosi shoping mall ikosi ketu.
  • Ogun: 32, Tinubu Road via Pedestrian Bridge, Oke Sokori. Abeokuta.

About Us


Smile Ville Properties Limited is one of the leading Properties development and real estate company based in Nigeria. We are focused in providing and delivering competitive real estate solutions to our valued clients.

We are engaged in Properties and real estate development, brokerage and management. We offer good and flexible payment plans on all our
product and services.

Our customers includes corporate bodies, private individuals, co-operative societies, traders, artisans institutions and companies.

In Smile Ville Properties Limited customer satisfaction is our main focus so we handle all services with a very high level
of enthusiasm and professionalism.

We make sure customer receives value for the money in the service we provide.
We at Smile Ville Properties Limited we ensure our services to customers ,experience a S.M.I.L.E.(Our core values).